About Us

Thank You for Visiting Molly's Aprons! 

Our Aprons allow you to take your mind off of fetching and carrying your supplies and securing your stuff and leaves you "hands-free" to provide "hands-on" care or client service.

We create specialized utility products for Healthcare and Other Care Givers.  Our Aprons are designed to assist you when you're providing care and support you in focusing in on delivering the care itself versus preparing to do so.  

With A Molly, you won't need to worry about the grind involved in fetching everything -  you'll be able to carry key items with you in our many spacious pockets on your apron. 

You will NEVER AGAIN have to overstuff the pockets of your scrubs, deal with the frustration of pen stains or and move  through your shift with bulging lumps on your hips while you fish out the things that you need to use and then cram em' back into your hip pockets!!

We are Black-Owned and Operated : conceived and built by Medical and IT professionals. 

We love being able to bring fun things to you that will allow you to serve with grace and ease!  We KNOW you will love our products and we are SURE  that they will help.

Our designs are crafted by gifted teams of experienced medical pros in conjunction with  Artists who understand the challenges experienced by the community of care-givers and who believe that service to other humans - while critical - can also be fun.